The hard question

only answer if you want but I’m noticing a lot of players have god squads, how much have you spent this year on 2k.
I’m probably looking at 120 spent so far.

Are we counting base price or only micro transactions

Chances of god squads this year are much easier then last. Odds are higher to get cards, more content and cards going for alot cheaper. Ive spent maybe 300 this year but for what i have, im satisfied. I wont spend more then 30 a month for the rest of the game


30 bux and i have full pd and diamond with 200k in the bank to play around w

30$ on VC and the only auctionable cards in my lineup are PD Magic, D Steph, D KD, reg PD kareem, D Jokic

Other than the 100$ base game, 40$ on MT and about 60$ all together on VC. Haven’t spent money on the game in weeks and I’m glad. Last year was probably between 500$ and 1000$

Not even a penny lol

micro transactions

About 280 unfortunately


Last 2 years zero.

Bruh your like the only other guy I ever saw wit GOAT JOKIC I never play him in MTU. N everybody that ask me bout their lineup I’m like u need :goat: jokic and they always say Na they don’t want him he’s 3rd best card in game granger klay then :goat: in my opinion

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What’s so good about Jokic’s card? Doesn’t he lack defense?

Did u watch my game vs Chris he had KAJ n he was a self proclaimed post god I don’t remember kAreem doing much I pretty much play kAreem every game n he rarely does much. 2k makes up for jokic lack of D they just don’t let the post guys play right. I can’t tell u how many times I get pump faked up in the air. Then the guy goes up wit it. That should be a dunk or a foul on me everytime. But on the way down jokic kinda hits them and the ball flies away they never call it a foul. Lol also people will post spin off me n have me sealed from the rim then go up for a dunk but put the ball behind their head n let me block it from behind. Lol nobody but javelle McGee is dumb enough to do that. So I guess I’m just lucky that 2k bad mechanics bail me out.


The other thing is that, with the volume of threes you take, and hit, people very quickly will get sucked into trying to run and gun with you and will give up on trying to work hard for 2-pointers.

When someone posts up on you, do you typically double-header and play for interceptions of the pass-out, or do you just try to play straight up?

I use him too. He has 91 steal with the Diamond Kobe shoes.

Can you post link to video of this match?

I do a couple different things vs really good post guys. I usually start off on balling the post guy. I’ll drop back to the paint n try my best to contest their shots u usually get about 3 moves in the paint b4 they call 3 secs so I’ll just pick 1 n sell out I got a 33% chance.
If I’m still getting killed my next move is to bait n steal on them l will off ball with a guy on the perimeter I run in go for like 2 quick swipes on the offender then I hold L2 n take about 2steps back n spam square if they try n kick it back it’s a steal everytime. Obviously it’s important that your in the direct passing lane of the poster n his team mate on the 3point line
The other thing I do is look at the spacing if 2guys are kinda close on the perimeter I’ll call for a computer double team with one of them. Then I turn into the guy guarding the other 1 n split the difference between them again I hold L2 n spam square no matter which perimeter guy he kicks to I usually get a deflection or steal


I didn’t have KAJ in my lineup in our game. Also, the post was more dominant until they changed this game into nba2k18. I no longer post as much because that’s not how you win games anymore.

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Dam lol my bad I guess I’m just so used to playing him I just figured u did