The Grind question

I just realized I have 7351 pts this season. Does it give you additional pts when the round ends ? I don’t remember how much i got from the 1st round, 2nd was around 3200. Havent started 3rd round yet. Should i grind for Pd Zingis ?

Maybe you already got added 1.500 points for starting in emerald tier?

Sapphire actually, I always start from sapphire but never cared about pts before lol. So its 1700 i guess and that means I am actually short this much in 4th round. Ok kinda got it :innocent: Total seemed too high.

I would say you should at least 8000 right now (including the initial points that are added at the beginning of this round) to even consider it. It all comes down to how many points you need to make up beyond 3500 in each round. Those points starting becoming nearly impossible to build up, and god forbid you should lose one, you can undo many hours of solid wins.

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I don’t have that time anyway, played 60 games for 2 rounds already. That was most the i can play. Thanks for the clarification.