The grind for Giannis is real! Finally done!

21 cards from Giannas and have schedule games left. Even listening to music, watching shows, videos, etc… It’s SO boring and grind. My son has wanted him all year and plays very well with the PD, so, I’m making the sacrifice. Kudos to those that already have him and good luck to my fellow chasers. I may throw my Xbox away once I finally get him. :rofl:


Only do the first 5 games of every team it’s faster.


Thanks, I’m doing that now. Only a couple are full games, which helps a little.

Congrats to all Opal Gianis fuckers! the JR Smith grind was already a sacrifice. I only know half your grind. I also appreciate the Dad gamers on 2KG. Damn I wish I had a sugar daddy who can earn YANIS for meeeeee. Now I’m curious are there any ladies that play this game. LOL


Ha ha!

Y’all dads are always the ones selling MT. Grown ass

I’m the one that’s been buying.

Lol I’m sure most gianis chasers bought. Well here’s to your cash out. But fuck cards are dipping :sweat_smile:

Lol idk why i didn’t think of that. Thanks

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Need 5 cards until the grind is over. This is unreal!

Just got GO Giannis 2 days ago and I’ve never bought MT.

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I bought some mt at the very end. Came down to that or finishing every teams schedule. It was an easy decision

Your almost there ! , why wouldnt your son grind for Giannis tho ?

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He helped a lot, but it was still painful.

Finally done. I doubt I’ll ever go through that again, but welcome to the team Giannis!!

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What was the rate? And how much did you lose on the sell back?

At the time it was 13/100. Nearly half the cards I needed were missing throwbacks that I locked but I’m sitting where I was before the push with an extra million +

im def not doing this shit next year

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Question? I’m at ak47 and stopped. Can I get to Giannis with 3 mil