The great James Worthy GO to Thread

Welcome to the great James Worthy GO to Thread, here you will find a compilation of all the useful Information regarding Galaxy Opal James Worthy that has been exchanged and discussed on Thanks to every member that wrote a review or took part in a discussion in one of the linked Topics.
Including: Reviews / Discussions / Shoe/Takeover Guide / Testimonials

1. Reviews

2. Shoe/Takeover Guide

Sharp/Post White Kobe ADs + Kerr

Sharp/Slash Foams + Kerr / Foams or PG13s + D’Antoni

Sharp/Shot CP3X, Foams, PG13s or Red Kobe ADs + Casey

Glass/Slash Red Kobe Ads or CP3X + D’Antoni / Red Kobe Ads or CP3X + Kerr.

Slash/Post White Kobe Ads or Pink Adidas + Dantoni

Lock/Shot White Kobe ADs + Casey

Personal Opinion: Purely based on Takeover i think Sharp/Post is clearly the number 1 combo to achieve and 2nd would be Sharp/ Slash. If you dont really care about takeover then the CP3X boosts the best stats in Lateral Quickness, Speed with Ball, Ball Control and Contested 3, but you won’t get the best takeovers.

P. O. Part II: After playing a lil bit without a shoe I really think the most important boost to go for is Swb, everything else is secondary. I went with the Cp3x and i strongly believe this is the best shoe for him. You can’t make the best use of his slasiing/inside scoring ability when the D has enough time to collapse on you.

3. Discussions

3.1 Discussion: GO Worthy vs. GO Wilt

4.Gameplay Video

5. Testimonials

“he’s an easy 40 without forcing anything. he’s so good offensively that you will run your offense thru him, i use him on every spot on the floor … 3 pt, post & ball handler attacker y’all will love this card” - @Shamslol

“Literally the most unfair card in the game you can pull up from anywhere contested or not and it’s money” - @ismith111

“Wilt is awesome, but Worthy is something else, even without steal. He is AK and Webber with limited Gil shot and dribbles, Jordan dunks and Hakeem fadeaway” - @MagicJ

“Man, he has cheesy behind the back, his post fades create so much damn space like melo,pierce and Hakeem and he has that ak47 jumper. He averages over 20 ppg for me between 3 mtu games and 3 tto games.” - @JohnnyHimrod

“there is no debate here, go worthy. i dont give a fuck about who is ur center or what you will pick another center and get this god. wilt is great, worthy is the best player in the game simple.” - @irving11


Worthy over wilt? You mean Wilt over Worthy!!!

I disagree with the testimonials. Going for worthy over is misleading. I have all the Galaxy Opals in the game atm and I use them in my tto team together as the opal squad so I am more than qualified to talk about them. The majority of ppl in this game only rely on 3s and as a result turn the 2k game into who can make the most 3s. So lets look at the pros of each player.

Most people love worthy cuz of his base 11 shot. He has a 90 speed. He can get to a 96 ball control with shoe plus the coach. His dunk animations are insane, especially with the 95+ dunk ratings. So he can shoot, handle the ball and dunk which is good. The one qualm I have with worthy is his defense. He comes with an 88 lateral quickness, a 63 steal and a 75 block. Maybe his shot contest of a 97 helps him to contest shots but his defense isnt the best. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good defender but out of all the opals his defense isnt the best.

Wilt is a man amongst boys. I always tell people WIlt over worthy. With D’antoni and a shoe his 3pt goes to a 74 and his speed goes to a 99!! He is the fastest center in the game. Unlike worthy his defense is unreal. He stops the 5 out pnr cheese when his man sets a pick. There is countless times when I encounter ppl who call for a pnr and Wilt will get dragged onto the ball handler and then they kick it out to the shooter and Wilt will run out and still contest/block the shooter cuz of his speed. It’s unreal. He is ofter faster than the opponents center. If the opponent does not manually run his center back down the court wilt will have an open dunk every time.

Wilt also has a 95 steal. With shoe it goes to a freaking 99!!! He clamps up its that simple.His post game is OP hardly anyone can stop him. If you want a glass cannon then choose worthy and try to do what everyone else does and just shoot 3s all game long with his base 11. But Wilt is on another level. He doesn’t shoot like worthy but he is more versatile than Worthy and thats why he is currently the best Opal in the game.


The thing is Shaq is comparable to wilt minus the chance at hitting a three, Hakeem is free and comparable to wilt minus a little speed,
Worthy on the other hand only has granger that is comparable to him, and past that granger CAN NOT do what worthy does in the post, worthy in the post is what makes him better than I think most cards that we will see until the playoffs start pumping out different auctionable opal players, that’s the difference right now that you won’t be able to have a player on worthys level till then, while wilt already has 2 players pretty close to him and one is free


Hakeem and shaq are no where near Wilt’s level. I have Hakeem and he is way slowed that Wilt. He has a 70 speed. Wilt destroys hakeem in every single stat besides outside scoring. Thats the only thing hakeem does better than Wilt. He was 1/3 less hall of fame badges than WIlt to add insult to injury.

Shaq on the other hand has an 82 speed and losed to Wilt in every single stat besides ball control, speed with ball, and strength. The defensive prowess Wilt brings to a team in the front court in unmatched by any other center in this game. And he forces ppl to stop pressing or trapping. He is too quick for that.


Dude this is the great James Worthy thread… i linked the discussions for a reason. And the Testimonials are not to be taken too seriously. I thought the common conception of Testimonials is that they are somewhat of an PR tool… so basically a joke.

In general i would agree with your opinion though. Both cards are not perfect, but both cards are perfect for certain types of players. I choose Worthy because i am very happy with Tim and Hakeem atm and Wilt just seemed a little boring to me and he was unlocked over 1000 times vs 200 times on PC, so rarity also played a role.
The last thing i wanted to do was start another Wilt vs. Worthy debate. My suggestion would be for you to create the great Wilt Chamberlain GO to Thread :slight_smile:


Ah ok. I just see this a lot and dont want people to be mislead. Pardon my ignorance.

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“Mislead” :rofl:

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Its who people prefer based on there team. Wilt is great but dont care for his jump shot or post fade. He will be my second guy but Worthy is super fun inside and outside atm in the game cycle. Also an opponent can better game plan for Wilt than Worthy.

The only thing holding me back from getting this card is his 63 Steal 75 Block rating with terrible tendencies too. What do the guys who have him feel about this and has it effected your play with him?

I only played TTO so far as i am sitting at 11-0 but i think i cant take it anymore to not play XD
Anyhow, yes those stats suck for a GO, no way around it, but does everybody on your team need to be an on ball steal god? Do you always try to reach?`I dont, thats not my type of defense, i just try to keep in front of the guy and contest well, i dont often jump because its a bad habit imo that leads to better opportunites for your opponent. He is 6’9 with 75 Block defensive stats in the 90s and HoF Defensive Stopper and Chase Down Artist, i think its plenty fine. And dont play him at the 4, the 2 or 3 is where he feasts.

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He can hold his own at the 4 surprisingly. Especially since I am not sure if you know this but he is the only card in the game that has every single bade. 42 badges in total!!

I destroy ppl with Wilt esp once they press its a wrap. And if ppl cheese me by putting Giannia at the 1, you can put WIlt at the 4 and he is amazing. People don’t know what to do cuz he can shoot and when they sag off thinking he cant shoot I let the sucker fly.

I get steals with him just fine. The tendencies arent that bad. You just cant spam the steal button. But his strength, 99 Shot Contest, and HOF Defensive Stopper locks people up.

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The steal rating is a lie when I on ball and I pick pocket is on he steals just as good as other players, the high steal rating I feel only matters when you offball and the player swipes it for you

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If anyone wants him on PS4 I have an account with 2/5 PD and 105 tokens

I feel like Limited KAJ and Mutombo can contain Wilt. NOT stop him of course but enough so someone cant just cheese with him.

Well thats hard for most people especially when I run Wilt at pf and Hakeem at the C. The only reason I dont like Hakeem is cuz he is too slow for my team. So often times if I do that I have Mutumbo at the 5 but then I lose a little of the court stretching.

It like how u gna stop keem and wilt at the same time. Its too much and then you got to worry bout worthy at the 3 ak at the 2 and Giannis/zo at the one. I only do this against cheesers.

I will say this tho about GO Worthy. I HATE the layups he does sometimes. 80% of the time he goes for 2 hand layups which get either blocked or are heavily contested misses. I dont know how to stop this.

Worthy is nice his handles and sizeups are crazy af. Im not gna lie and then I love how he got all the badges in the game. Dude for 42 badges. lol. Mine always dunk, you must be dribbling too much lol.

There is no lineup to really stop that at this point in the game so your on a different playing field.