The gods shined down on me tonight

Back to back limited BRoy pulls from a 10 pack on the 8th and 9th packs, I was jumping up and down screaming after the first nevermind the second. I couldn’t believe they were both limited. best of luck to you all!


Dude!!! Thats better than my luck!!! Shit

Good shit

2 limited in a row its krazy… something is wrong with 2k algorithm

Weird question by are the numbers back to back? Like 578,579…?

yup 458 and 459, still a lot to be pulled


Sell em both, build a goat squad

Very interesting and cool.

Get that money.

This is the only reason buying packs is remotely worth it. Shit like this

I feel like I should go for AK now, thats so much coin and my team is already pretty nice

Up to you I have no comment cause I couldn’t go for AK in a million years I don’t have the mental strength to buy and sell all those cards. Let alone the money to buy said cards in the first place. Respect to those who do tho

Stephen. This is the smartest thing you have ever said. U loved gilbert too. So ull love aks release. Do it bro

if u just knew how good this ak is… u would do anything to get him

He is at wilt and giannis op level

No HOF badges means he’s pretty much a Hedo upgrade and I have Hedo at the 4. Think I’ll stick with Hedo. There’s no way I could acquire those coins anyways that’s a money spenders card.

Cards with HOF Limitless can pull it from deeper than him at a higher rate. Not to mention Catch and Shoot. So I’ll stick with my Gilbert as well. You can only have so many shooters on your team and AKs not a slasher so pass

WTF Congrats bro!!!

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he is the second best card in the game… your cocmparison shows that you clearly dont know nothing about this card

We’re still only in the 400’s after 36 hours? Dammmnnn these odds are fucked, lol. You basically won the lottery back to back.

I must know your secret. Do I need to build a Ronnie shrine? I’m just going to go ahead and build a Ronnie shrine.


Ak is a Fcking God he can outshoot anyone.