The ghost ron boone

Hi guys , I wanted to ask one thing , but how many of you have already found ron boone ? I’m over 70 wins and I can’t find it…

I’m at 120 wins and no sign of him


but is it possible that every year this mode is done so badly ?

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Just got him, in like 38 wins

ok , so it exists …

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I’m almost at 200 wins… no Boone

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I’m happier now , at least I’m not alone , lol

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300 wins, no Boone.


REALLY ? WTF … But why do you think it is?

It took me 119 wins to get him, now on the hunt for Gus Gerard which might also be a ghost

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It’s just random. I played like 1200 games in 2K21 to get Danny Ferry.

I cant stand how this shit is random. I feel like after u complete the wins for the player of the season or whatever they are they should give u the player. Playing 1200 games to get someone is ridiculous. Im sure there were people who played more and thats crazy.


Yep 300 for me too n no Boone!


Yeah. I hate RNG in general. I played 300 games for David Thompson and just to be ready for whatever is next, I’m not grinding for Ron Boone, I’ll only play triple threat for XP now and if I get him cool, if not, there are already a bunch of point guards that are better so I’m not stressed.

but it is still not fair, the 2k puts a card as a gift but makes it almost impossible to find …as I hate the fact that to make xp you have to buy the players of the various collections … if not goodbye level 40

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Especially now with Holo cards and OO cards, and I’m sure we’ll get some graded challenges soon.

“Score 100 points with a card graded 9.5 or higher - 1,500 XP.”

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:100: exactly what I’m doing

I was doing all the base set agendas while going for 300 games. There’s some brutal Emeralds to score with out of that bunch. Ewing probably the worst for me so far

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Yeah man those challenges suck.

I’m stuck on the Vin Baker challenge as well, that guy just will not dunk the ball, he’s always laying it up or getting blocked at the rim.


Yeah, I don’t even care if I get him now. I have Kyrie and Walt now, so I’m pretty set. Ron would still be nice tho.

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Yeah for sure. It’s always nice even just as a flex later in the year or for team building purposes. But after I spent 1200 games grinding for Ferry then they released a Dark Matter ferry later in the year…

I’m not grind for a card ever again. Any card I want will have a better version later on.

Unless we get another Tacko, Tacko was worth it.