The game is too random

I consider myself an average/maybe slightly above player. (29-10 record). One game, everything is going right. My players are cutting off the ball and denying ball on D. The next, they’re literally spinning in circles and don’t appear to have a clue wtf is going on. PD Kareem got absolutely DESTROYED on the boards by Diamond KAT, and got absolutely mashed to death, despite having post lockdown, and anchor on HOF, as well as boxout beast and rebound chaser on HOF also. How are you fellas keeping your sanity when the game doesn’t want you to win? I lost by 8 to a guy who was 28-31… his KAT was literally getting flying put back dunks and OFF reb’s while Kareem sat there and watched him. I got out rebounded 13-3 on OFF rebs, and my players would NOT stick to their man or deny the ball. He’d catch the OFF reb, and dish it for a wide open 3

So true. Game is so RNG. You have very little impact on the game’s final score. Whenever I see my opponent grabs couple of off rebs or i get spikes on my open shots… I quit and search for another game.

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