The game has changed

The game has changed

Nah it’s just you. YOU personally aren’t worth debating bc you’re a contrarian. Constantly finding reasons why you are right and others are wrong.

You EMBODY the meme. No on on earth knows as much as you, in any thread on any topic. You’re the definition of toxic.


Yeah, I’m toxic because I said that no team that relied just on 3s and layups ever won anything. (Which is true.)

It’s just that you hivemind people can’t accept that the harsh truth in most cases.

You’re toxic bc of the breadth of your behavior on this site.

Straight up all you do is take the opposite side of anyone. Back to the block list you go.

Idk what am I gonna do without you. :upside_down_face:

Probably Continue being a skid mark every time you post.


Kirk Goldsberry(the above graph creator) gave a hilariously scathing assessment of Kuzma’s trade value on the last Hoop Collective. Check it out

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I haven’t watched a full game in a month. Couple of minutes here, couple of minutes there, that’s all I can bear. I can’t stand chucking up threes, it’s boring af. And when I see a rookie or a sophomore taking transition three with 20 seconds left on the clock and wide open lane to the basket, I just turn off tv :face_vomiting: God I miss post game.

Is that a podcast I need some new stuff to listen to. I’m done with the Ringer.

In my opinion, the Rockets have won nothing because the team just isn’t good enough. Harden is a great player, and late prime Chis Paul was still high level, but the rosters that pushed the Warriors to the brink were pretty bare beyond that. Emphasis on 3s or not, those Houston teams weren’t good enough from a talent standpoint.

If you took those Warriors rosters and implemented D’Antoni’s / Morey’s strategy for the Warriors, the Warriors still win, and if the Warriors system was brought to Houston, the Rockets still lose.

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I believe today bench warmer play like 2001-2002

They weren’t good enough because D’Antoni isn’t good enough.
The man is 70 and he still hasn’t learned from his mistakes.
For 15 years now he’s been getting eliminated from the playoffs doing the same thing over and over again.
Never even tried to adapt.
Suns weren’t good enough, Lakers weren’t good enough, Knicks weren’t (ok, they weren’t), Rockets weren’t good enough. It’s never his fault.

Yeah, it’s the best basketball podcast, especially when they McMahon and McMullen join Windhorst later each week. Total NBA insiders

Dunc’d On when they have Pelton or someone on is usually also gold.

As a Lakers fan, avoid the recent one. Too harsh…lol

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Vince McMahon or who?

Nah I like Laker hate. Ill check it out.

I can’t wait to listen to the show after Kuzma is traded and the Lakers get back a kings ransom.

It’s Tim McMahon, he’s the Texas teams and Utah and a couple other teams reporter for ESPN.

Vince McMahon is classical actor, a la John Gielgud

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I’m just imagining Vince McMahon moonlighting as a sports podcast host. It’s a funny image.

Yeah seriously I miss the days when regular season games and all star games had some intensity. It was super fun to watch. And I used to feel a thrill watching great defense being played. Now it’s just playoffs and nothing else

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I think he didn’t maximize what he had in some previous jobs, but realistically I think D’Antoni got everything he could out of his Rockets teams when the Warriors were at the top; they just weren’t good enough.

The Warriors (with Durant) had 5 potential hall of famers on the roster. How is it D’Antoni’s failure that lost them close series against one of the best teams of all time? From a talent standpoint, Houston never had a chance.

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I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Something has gotta give. I am holding out hope

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This is why Steph Curry is the Player of the Decade.

Changed. The. Game.

I rest my case.

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