The game has changed

The game has changed


Yeah for the worst.

Bring 2001 back. The NBA is shit.


Game always adapts to the best players.
There are no more bigs who’re capable of dominating in the post and there are plenty of amazing shooters.

Throw Shaq/Timmy/KG in today’s league and everyone else would have to adapt or their weak smallball lineups would get torched.


Id say, the game has become logic… If you can score an additionnal point from a bit further, it’s quite logic everyone will do all they can to shoot 3s instead of 2s…

They probably need to install a 4 point line soon because some shots are ridiculously far

Idk if I like that 4 pt line idea though. Another option I’ve seen around is the move the 3 pt line back


This is why I don’t watch too many games , it’s just pass around for the best open 3 available. Why go to 2001 , even as recent as 2012-13 , the game was enjoyable.


To know if this works Im just keeping count of how many threes the Rockets take compared to how many rings they win. Right now its a million threes taken and zero rings won.

Id say, the game has become logic… If you can score an additionnal point from a bit further, it’s quite logic everyone will do all they can to shoot 3s instead of 2s…

But what about efficency?
It’s not even about 40% for 3 vs 50% for 2.
I’ll take 50% for 2 over 40% for 3 all the time.

Just watch the Rockets and watch the ridiculous amount of possessions they waste on dumb 3pt shots.
Not every 3pt shot is a high percentage shot.
And more missed shots equals more fastbreak opportunities for the opposition.

Harden is one of the league’s best mid-range players, but idiot coach and GM took it away from him because of some ridiculous math. Basketball isn’t science. You can’t just look at the numbers without context.

Team with 3 of the greatest shooters ever took way less 3s than them.
And they took more midrange shots than the most of the league.

But idiots like Morey wanna turn the game of basketball into math.

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Warriors won 3 rings with 3 of the top 10 shooters of all time (KD, Klay, Steph) Gotta shoot if you want to win now these days

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I believe this is another contributor to why ratings are down. Games have become glorified 3 point competitions.

Post defense rules are still in the early 00s.
You can get really physical defending the post.

But if you god forbid touch someone on the perimeter, it’s a shooting foul right away.
That’s the biggest problem.

I remember when Morey got hired and said that layups and 3s are the way to go. Everyone called him an idiot and that won’t work etc.

Look at us now. Layups and 3s.

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Except that both teams relying on nothing but layups and 3s (Buck and Rockets) failed.
Shooting more 3s is obviously a good thing to improve your offense.
But as with everything else with life, there has to be a fine line.
You can’t just chuck 50 3pts a game and expect to win a ring.

For example, since LMA started shooting 3s Spurs have the second offense in the league.
But his 3s gave Demar way more open midrange shots.

Look at the map. Your reality and the reality of everyone else is clearly different.

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Now we can resume the debate of whether Steph is the player of the decade instead of LeBron. Lol

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Yeah, now go look at the shot chart of winning teams.
Even the Warriors took way more midrange shots than the league average.
Not to mention the Raptors.


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Nah you gotta have shooters as good as Steph, Curry and KD.


Etc Werent snipers from 3. The Warriors didnt just chuck they attacked the paint, hit middies and played elite defense.

Also had Durant surrounded by an All Star team but still. Also had good role players.

Typical Rockets fan m.o.

When you got no arguments you resort to childish insults.

GuYs LiStEn To Me I’m RiGhT.

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