The future of the market

Anyone want to discuss the future of the market?

These packs were super hot. I’m assuming people who wanted PD Giannis locked him in.

However, will the other players who dropped a ton spike back up? I’m thinking of Diamond Jordan, LeBron, 97 RWB.

Will people disappointed with the new theme buy those players back? Is it worth to invest in those diamonds and wait a few days?


How incredibly mature lol

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Enough… Both of you. Drop it, please


I’m not responding to him. He’s clearly a troll.

I’m a troll? Lol aight lil dude. Carry on

Man and I thought that everyone was serious here…

Anyway, I think the market will surely drop. Only some godly and rare cards like T Mac won’t go very low compared to their actual price

Ha he joined just 2 days before you lol

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Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. It ain’t that serious to be trying to call people a troll when you trolled first. It is what it is. Take it and move on

During the same time last year, the market crashed and never recovered. I expect even more of the same when A. PD lebron is released and B. When we get PD Curry

I think the market will dip a bit more then hold steady

When I asked you both to just drop it, why was your initial instinct to come out and call him a ‘troll’? You literally just trolled him in the exact same way yourself. Quit pointing fingers please, and just try to take the high road.

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I posted his profile because there was proof that he was asking for MT all the time, while he was swearing at you and calling it bs. But I understand your point, my bad.

I believe the market is done for.

Show the proof child

Actually Ima take the high road and be done. It’s never good to argue with kids publicly and this pollutes the forum. So I will end it with that. And for future reference for anyone else, remember there are children on this forum so when we argue, like in this case, it may be a child on the end of your insults. And arguing with kids is wrong. I apologize to the community for the pollution. Thank you

Me going through @anon11689187 and @ukraine1 's comments:


yeah. 2k is really selling out hard this year. PD KP and Giannis are laughable enough. I mean what’s next

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Lol this is so dumb. Ryan called him out for posting asking about MT all the time. I threw it some laughing emojis with his profile because he started saying shit like “the fuck” and “yes master” and it was obvious he had posted about it 4-5 times in the past few days. Now he’s here.

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