The Final “Playoff Underdogs” spotlight challenge

I feel like a scrub making this topic but how did you guys beat this? Any tips? Dope 3 point plays?

I have less time to play this year due to some life changes and I’m trying my best to rush and beat these challenges but DAMN. I’m struggling to focus on beating them AND hitting 7 3’s. If I just play my game and play to win I don’t end up making 7 3’s. This may be the first time in 2K history where I feel like I just CANT beat the AI.

I have a fairly decent team. I purchased Amy Klay. No way I get Curry so that’s out of the question. :joy:

Any insight is appreciated. :pray:t2:

Dikembe Mutumbo is usually my answer. He blocks everything. But the real way to win is to outscore the computer with Klay and/or Houston if you have him. Look in the spotlight topic for ideas including a writeup on the Blazers PB:

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Use Fist 52 loop, fast & reliable for years.


Thank you! Will look into both of the recommendations you guys gave me. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Have played this challenge no less than 20 times, have only gotten the 7 3s twice. The one time I had the 3s & was up Kyrie hits a contested 3 over Shaq…

I loaded up my lineup with the FA stud cards (96 Larry Bird, 93 KAJ, 95 Karl Malone) that I had, PLUS I used Amy Klay to knock down a few 3s. I run Bucks 2018 freelance which opens up the driving lanes so scoring is easy. When the CPU takes my drives seriously then I look for my shooters.

I have DI Giannis who is a stud on both sides of the ball, but obviously will not hit 3s. That’s fine, when the CPU doubles him, then either Klay or Larry is usually open.

Man! That Trailblazer playbook saved my life. I did it with 4 3’s from Amy Klay and 3 from Ray Allen. I hit a couple extra with Eric Gordon, Bruce Bowen, and even 1 with Amy Rose. I clogged the paint with Ruby Tyson Chandler. I used FA Lillard until I got all the 3’s. They were up 2 going into the 4th and I just took over with Amy Rose and a mostly defensive line up. Won by 11. Feels great. Lol

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I used this method too. For the first half, i played normally with my main play was drive to the rim with Nique.
At the 2nd half they start to double Nique, so i sent Jojo and Goodrich to have feast at 3p line

Finally got it done using Nets playbook. Hit 6 3’s w/ Ruby Klay & 1 w/ Ruby Eric Gordon. Bought Ruby Chandler after seeing your post & held them to 17 1st half points. Was up 39-25 going into 4Q but was 3/23 from 3 only shooting when I was wide open. Luckily Klay went 4/7 in the 4Q & saved the day. Won 57-39 w/ some tough defense…

13 Heat is still my go to. I knocked out all those challenges with that book.

Punch 5 Flare Rip
Quick 32 box flare
Quick 4 horns flare

All can get you open looks for 3

Only one I have left and I glad I read this . Between stockton and pd curry I’m hoping it’s not that hard . Kinda scared now. But I do have mutombo and picked up Alonzo with 5 hof badges attached so I think I should be ok