The Final Opal Reward

After a lot of grinding I finally picked up my last reward of 2k19…

Yeah I know Lebron is bigger and MJ has better animations, but when mamba gets everything goin there is nothing that can stop him. I slapped bruiser on him and also rim protector. This is an ode to one of the greatest players to touch a basketball. I also want to say if you are on the fence look no further than Kobe Bean Bryant :snake::snake::snake:


I lowkey wish I couldve gotten one of the Perfect players (probably would’ve picked Lebron if it came down to me) but nonetheless, congrats!

I’m still trying to learn the arsenal in Rewards GO Giannis :grinning:

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Damn. I literally just gave up on him. I wanted him soooo bad but I can’t bring myself to grind out another 200 tokens.

Ultimate players and draft day. The rest I got lucky and got 48 tokens in TTO

Kobe’s my favorite of all the limited players

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Disappointed in you for not picking the goat

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That is the Lakers goat…you should change your profile pic to him

Didnt know these guys died


I locked those in weeks ago. And have already done every other token set (including jerseys).

The argument is between Kobe and Magic. Shaq will never be in the conversation as the greatest laker simply because Kobe and Magic won more titles while never playing for another team.

Kobe didn’t win one mvp over Shaq. 3 finals mvp>2

That’s fine, but the fact remains that Shaq wasn’t winning without Kobe even being the star player and Kobe won 2 more as the star player. Shaq won one more, but that was with Alonzo mourning and Dwyane Wade playing the best basketball of his life. Arguably the greatest finals performance ever

I think you forgot about this 1…


Kobe had Paul Gasol while being the star player. Kobe wouldn’t have 3 rings if it wasn’t for Shaq. He would be 2-2 in the NBA finals but yet yall discredit Lebron final record.

everyone always calls each other the GOAT… I hate when people bring up “oh well Pippen called Jordan the GOAT” or “Shaq called Kobe the GOAT”

These guys are just playing it up.

Shaq Kareem and Magic were all better

Carlo come on with the bullshit comparisons… not one true laker fan is putting Shaq over magic or Kobe as the greatest laker of all time. It’s not like anyone is saying Shaq is trash. :man_facepalming:

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I mean shaq > Kobe, in laker rankings, isnt a hot take at all

No one said who was more dominant. Just who is considered greatest laker. How many teams did Shaq play for not to mention his years with the magic?

Why do you have play with the team whole career? Shaq had great success and play mutiple season with LA. Only left because Kobe say it was between him or me.

He flat out didn’t win a title until Kobe came into his all star level play