The face I make when I see


I swear this is the most fun card I’ve used so far. once he’s in take over mode he takes off from half court.
smooth jumper, HOF defensive stopper, INCREDIBLE dunk package.
the funny thing is: 2k decided to nerf this card by giving himn only 50-ish strength, so he’s too weak to push people back in the post.
but: virtual jordan just doesn’t care!!! fadeaway jumpers from nearly 3point line? no problem :joy: his fadeaway goes in from everywhere.

did I mention that his dunks are real fun to watch?


Last time use mj stamina running to quick brick brick ice cold only thing i like was dunk amination so idk bout this

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Weird flex but ok

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I think at this point you gotta go with something besides Cosby rape face. It’s like using R Kelly as the background music for your YouTube video


Cosby is not guilty he’s out of jail

That’s not why he’s out of jail though lol

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I love bill Cosby man lol

I’m pretty sure he’s still locked up btw. I feel you. You liked his entertainment. I loved R Kelly. Still doesn’t change the fact they were sexual predators though. Hard to look at them the same

Remix City vol. 1 is still great for “Netflix and Chill” !!

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Not no more. You put that on now and homegirl starts thinking…“Is this mofo gonna try and piss on me!? Oh…hell NAW! I’M OUT THIS BITCH!!”