The Dr. for Harden? Other ideas?

Here’s my lineup.

Does it make sense to swap Harden for him? Or maybe just upgrade harden? I have 103k mt. I think I’m done other than codes after this.

Nah bro just wait till PD Jordan comes it tmr

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You think he’s the one coming? I really hope so man, that amy was a baller!

Hardens goat, the new pd doesnt look much better

If I get him too I’m gonna lose my shit. Never thought I’d have the team I have right now, especially after as late as I started.

man even if you dont get him in a lockercode youll be able to get him for <75k

This is true! How would you distribute your minutes with lineups like this? I’ve been doing 32 for starters 16 for Bench, but I feel like the bench needs more time?

9 man rotations. Just be aware of whos at what position at all times.

Who are you taking out of the rotation then?

Simmons, if you dont mind Bird/Kawhi/KD playing some PF

Really? Simmons is kind of a beast, and has hof dimer, which I love.

Haven’t used him personally, I just like my PFs to be knock down 3pt shooters since I find them chilling at the corner 3 alot

I can run him at point too. Sometimes if the computer subs him in that’s where they put him and kick harden to 2 kd to 4 and pg to 3

I would sell Harden, move Benny to point, grab PD AD and swap him with Bird (put Bird on the bench).

However, I would only do this if you A) don’t score too much with Harden and B) don’t rely on Bird to carry your offense because AD is a glitch! Him and KAT will dominate the boards, and with Bird on the bench, you’ll have a tall-yet-quick backup five.