The Doctor Is In... Sixers 2020-2021 Season Thread

This is a home for Sixer fans and admirers. A home for pre/post/in-game hot takes and manic projections based on incredibly small sample sizes.

A safe space for wholly unsubstantiated trade rumors so insane they’d would make fan fiction blogger blush.

Note: before y’all get weird this chick is 15

In the name of Eltryl Braney I welcome you all to the 2020-2021 Sixers Season thread


cool can we have dwight back

Nah y’all stuck with the Dwarf and the Spanish corpse.


The small amount of stories coming out of the end of the Brett Brown era are pretty sad.

Simmons became so disillusioned with the Sixers staff, he did much of his work outside the facility under the watchful eye of trainer Chris Johnson. That erosion of trust only further contributed to the splintered chemistry on the floor and tension among coaches and players.


This thread is a W. I’m expecting a much better team this year. As in, the pieces fit so much better, so the chemistry will only improve (along with their record and playoff seeding). This is a top 3-4 team in the East depending on how the Heat and Celtics perform. Nets and Bucks feel like locks at the top.

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76 Minutes Til GAME TIME!

I wouldnt say Im a sixers fan but you guys have 2 of my favorite players in the NBA in Simmons and Embiid so I wish yall much success.


Sixers and lakers are my picks for the finals matchups hopefully it comes true


They still haven’t named the starters. Odd. Though I assume it will be Ben-Seth-Danny-Tobi-Joel.

My prediction: The team will put up good stats, but underperform in the playoffs.

I think 3rd seed in east, looked good in preseason

Yo this Tyrese Maxey dude is fucking unbelievable.

6 pts 3 reb 2 ast in his first 7 minutes.

Bertans is a beast my goodness.

Sixers starting 5 looking pretty garbage.

Our best lineup in that half was Maxey-Shake-Dwight-Ben-Furkan. :thinking:

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Embiid looks like he’s still trying to get used to the offense. Tobias was good in the first quarter and horrific in the second.

They need to find more perimeter scoring from the starting lineup. If Tobias can’t score the starting 5 is awful in the half court.

Maxey + Shake + Dwight is magical tho

Looking good so far!

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Simmons shouldn’t be playing the one