The Curious Case of Manute Bol the Sapphire Card

The need to drop a locker code or something. The pull rate on this card was so low and glitched that look at his price just the other night :sweat_smile:


I run him every once in awhile in TTO just to show off. He’s actually pretty good. I locked the set. Would have been nice to sell right now. Haha

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Worth every penny


Probably the hardest pull of the year.

Might have to upgrade my Aldridge for him… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Run muresan then

It’s demand and supply. People gonna lock the set, Magic and AD drops in price so there will be cards in this set price skyrocket

I was joking lol, I can’t run mureasan too slow

For that cost would you not just buy Yao? If you want to lock then fair enough but if you just want a giant that can shoot, Yao is the same price


Eaton has been tearing it up for me lately. He’s my starting center now. Defensively he is a monster. He pushes Yao around. I have D Rob and I do better with Eaton starting now.

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Eaton Eating other Centers?

I saw that. Those didn’t sell. Someone tried to price fix them, but they eventually normalized

Yao gets you matched vs other PDs tho whereas Bol keeps your overall low similar to Ruby Rewards Tacko.

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that tacko is still one of my favorite cards to use. He’s just hilariously massive out there

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I wonder if I should sell mine, I don’t use it. Could use the MT elsewhere