The card that did nothing good for you (despite working for others)

Which card has disapointed you the most ? Im hearing lots of mixed reactions on Amy KD

Klay before the badges and diamond shoe, i couldnt do shit with him, and his 34 steal made me not consider him for a while, but i got him badged out now with this shoe and he has been money

Bird. Just a spot up shooter that couldn’t do anything else for me.

Yooo ppl be swearing by bird but i didnt like him either, he a good shooter but so is eddie jones and dan marjle

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I had Bird at bench 4 with gold brick wall and he couldint set a screen for Finley to save his life lol.

Bird is a god smh. Mvp of my Finley set. To answer the question I’m not digging AD on offense like at all. Love him defensively though. Shame I locked him in.


Boobie gibson for me,he shot like 25% for three for me


Diamond Finley. Hate his release always seems to miss wide open shots even with a 98 three ball

Bernard King…but hes made his way into my heart now lol

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This guy bernard is one of the worst players i have played with this game, he fucked me alot of games

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Second this, i gave him so much love and he gave me back non lol.


i gave this fucker a diamond contract, silly me

I gave contract, shoe and badges lolz. He stole dem all.

Everyone swore by Mo Peterson forever. When I got him and almost green released everytime, he always missed. And to make me even more furious, he must have some tendency where instead of taking the wide open 3, he takes a step inside and loves the long 2’s.

Bernard is godly for me

Goddamn iman shumpert. Dude is straight trash for me

i give you 3 business days to take it back

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King is reward for something, right?

Second (fantasy) dom.

Ffs, 61 games to do