The Bounce Pass

Is your BEST FRIEND in TTO… so old-school and so underated.

I noticed this weekend that mid to long distance bounce passes are putting my shooters in a better spot for a cleaner releases. It’s also hitting my cutters more in stride and getting picked off less regularly.

I’m having to train myself to look for the bounce pass in situations now… and it’s working really well.

I tend to spam flashy passes with good passing players to get the ball up the floor quickly, but damn… the bounce pass is so OP when used correctly.

It is so much harder to intercept than a regular pass… a huge problem when playing too fast and making impatient passes in quick moving TTO games.

There are too many PD 6’10” plus defensive monsters with high pass perception ratings… this is where taking two or three dribbles up the floor and then hitting a shooter or cutter with a bounce pass is so effective.

One or two seconds of patience is an absolute game changer in TTO after a rebound… go old school, drop a dime with a 60 foot bounce pass. It will be the prettiest thing you will see on 2k all day.


This is like poetry, well said. The bounce pass really is an underrated tool.

Thanks man… and it really is a great tool. They just have a different feel and look to them, especially in the open court.

With TTO being so spaced out it really creates great opportunities to catch guys off guard with unique passes. Even in 2k, I enjoy a prettier pass more than a big finish, just like in my playing days.

the bounce is my go to pass in tto, moving up the ball with pippen quick bounce to rashard and it’s a deep easy 3. or setting a midrange screen then following up with a bounce to kareem.
it’s a real sneaky pass most times, love it.

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I noticed that if i play a big center like Yao or Sampson, they automatically inbound the ball with a bounce pass you are farther away from them. I started doing bounce passes after I saw them do that and remembered how awesome they were

Yeah, at times I’ve reminded myself to try to use it more. There are situations in which it seems to result in cleaner passes, in terms of hitting guys in the pocket and enabling quicker gathers/releases.

Exactly what I felt… even hitting the cutter seemed to be smother, especially at a longer distance. The receiver didn’t break stride as much due the the angle he received the pass.

I think those of us that have playing for years and years just have these habits that are so engrained now. Subtle changes can be really refreshing.


I’ve gotten to the point where I try to icon pass every single time and I have been trying to train myself to stop doing that. Using bounce passes was a good start.

That’s what I’m currently enjoying about playing TTO… it really provides a good opportunity against a human opponent to practice new things and develop some new stick skills.

There are so many passing options that I simply don’t use because I’ve been playing 2k for primarily the same way for years and years now… it’s like trying to teach on old man a new trick. We just want to keep doing what has been working.

I keep toying around with lead icon passing, off ball movement before the pass and handoffs/give-n-goes… it’s showing me that there are some great and effective animations that I’m missing out on.

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Icon passing 100% cooks zone defense but otherwise I tend not to favor it over directional passing

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That’s been a problem for me, too. Once I got comfortable with icon passing, it took over and now I find it really hard to make directional passes of any sort, reliably.

I 100% have icon passing loaded at the start of a play. After that I tend to go directional passing unless I have a clear path to the hoop where I can analog stick finish

My problem is that i get confused if I have shoot while icon passing is up. I “forget” about Right Stick a lot.

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Welcome to the club of 80s gamers

I use it to pass into the post all the time, seems to get picked off less.

In Menus: Icon Pass :arrow_right: Pass Type Control

Double tap pass Icon in game and you icon bounce pass.


I been using bounce pass all year, you can get a speed boost after catching the bounce pass, the receiver have to be running towards the rim to trigger it.


I spent all afternoon yesterday messing around with handoffs in TTO. It was a revelation for getting Steph some makeable (in 2K logic) shots. I still lose more with him than without him now, but he’s fun, it looks cool, and I won more than I had been with him.

Yes!! Thanks for confirming that… I knew I was feeling the cutter have a smoother first step to the basket when receiving the bounce pass.

The little speed boost perfectly explains the extra juice I got when attacking the basket off the bounce.

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I think I don’t understand exactly what you’re describing, but will mess around with this tonight to see if I can figure it out.