The biggest fa signing of the offseason was Trevor Ariza to the Suns

Don’t get me wrong, lebron and boogie were huge, but if you think about it lebron didn’t really have much of a chance of beating the warriors and boogie joined the already best team in the nba. Ariza was a crucial player on the team with the best chance of knocking off golden state.

This makes no sense, Ariza just left because of the money. He’s going to the worst team in the NBA who just drafted someone that plays the same position as him. Fuck Ariza anyways, that pussy went 0-12 from the field in game 7

Ariza got his ring though lol

Best part of his time in Houston is that we signed him instead of resigning Chandler Parsons. We would be in the gutter with Parsons and Anderson

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True. But the rest of the rockets played terrible too. Its pretty gross when their shoot as many 3s as possible tactic doesnt work lol

I mean if we hit 30% when we have rage 40 , we win by 15

Tough time to lose cp3 too. Cp3 woulda made those shots and ariza wouldnt be taking 12 lol

Looks like I’ll have to be salty for 2 years now

Phoenix is paying him, for one year, 20% of what he’s made for his _entire career _. He’s in his 14th season and a team is going to pay him 2X what he made last season.

And Houston had Bird Rights. Just don’t feel like paying that much luxury tax. Can’t blame 'em.