The Best Pack Luck I had In a While

3 Diamonds in 1 day is unheard for me and only opened 4 boxes today


Confirmed snitch? Jk nice one

that card art is wild


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3 out of 4 ain’t bad bro.


Congrats !

It’s a promo w/ a :gem: MJ, people like MJ :man_shrugging:
$100 for a promo is not unusual.

Still 100 bucks for a virtual card I get it’s mj but idk we all have different budgets ig

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JS, the man got some nice pulls, it doesn’t really matter how much he spent. It’s his pocket, I don’t worry about what’s in it.


Very true. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t chuckle when I noticed the “only” that snuck in there

Maybe I’m just jealous bc I’ve yet to have that luck

& shout out to @PopThieve for all his on point 2k info.

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It’s gonna come one day bro. We all gotta pay our dues lmfao