The best card released today

This card is nasty. Don’t know why they chose to give him super juiced abilities because I’ve honestly never even heard of this guy…but I’ll take it. 6’7 with Gold clamps a 80+ 3 and SWB and can run the 3-4? Insane. At this stage in the game you can still run an undersized 4 and get away with it…this card officially stretches a defense out.

He’s dominating in TTO and MTU and he’s pretty cheap. How do you guys feel about Demar Derozan?


He’s outstanding. I’ve only played about 5 TTO games with him, but I’ve won them all and he does a little bit of everything.

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Gave him Gold Difficult Shots, Corner Specialist and Flexible Release and now he is goat in TTO lol


backup 3

Sniped him for 15k earlier. I gave him Box and Reb Chaser so he can utilize his high rebounding at the 4. Been great so far as long as you have a rim protector next to him at the 5

SWB is only 70 though.

I like his 99 alley oop tendency and gold lob city finisher the most. You can throw an alley when he’s not even close to the basket and he will still catch it and destroy the rim.

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This 100%. I feel like he plays like a much better promo Zion which I loved

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Like him too, sadly no range extender but a great backup for bird. Gold clamps :+1:

Oddly enough i shoot just fine without RE, definitely wouldn’t mind that extra 5-10 feet space though

off the hof dimer pass from zeke hes auto green :star_struck::star_struck:

Gave him a 3pt shoe and badges, that should help too. Is this season another difficulty on Unlimited?
Last year it was superstar but when i go from unlimited to freestyle the difficulty says ,online matchups,. Everything about 55, so more all-star now…
Just asking because he’s easier to green in unlimited

Dammit! I just posted a thread but I didn’t see yours. I’m in obvious and total agreement.

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What’s the difference of gold and hof dimer? Payton has gold …

basically nothing

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Ok thanks. Scrolled my ass off to find the dimer badges cheap.

Is he better at rim running than Ben Simmons? I need a 4 who can shoot because running him with Promo Zion at the 5 limits my spacing.

Edit: I mean I want him to be able to run run and shoot so I can run PnF with Zion.

Simmons is not even remotely on this guy’s tier. If Howell’s still like 25K he’s a stupid bargain.


Thanks bro. I’ve been having a lot of success with Simmons at the backup 4, but now dudes have better cards so I need an upgrade. I have him, pulled him from a pack earlier. I’m gonna run him instead of Ben from now on.

Howell is arguably top 5 in this game right now that you can buy. Just a gem of a card

Once people catch on that he is a tmac clone, he’ll be price fixed.