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Saw that Yesterday trailer, pretty good looking movie. Which leads me to this question: if The Beatles music were to come out now, would the music still be seen as revolutionary and still be appreciated? Or would it fall between the cracks of rap/hip hop and pop music?

EDIT - If The Beatles are your favorite band, please put that aside for the conversation and look at it from a general perspective

The beatles literally invented/popularized half of the genres and styles found in popular music. So you can’t really speculate on their impact if they came out today.

Rubber Soul literally was the first modern album with like all good songs on it. Not just singles and fluff.

All I know is bands like Tame Impala are pretty much Beatles ripoffs and they are super popular still. (I like Tame Impala FWIW)


I can’t see Sgt. Pepper coming out in any era and not being well received by people who love music.


Listen to stuff like Yer Blues and it’s pretty much proto punk. They had pre-thrash metal shit in songs like Helter Skelter.

I Want You played with some more distortion sounds exactly like something Black Sabbath would play 15 years later.

Lets not even talk about their alternative music stuff like She Said. Which if you listen, sounds like it could come from some 2016 alt group.

Not to mention they would experiment with all these styles on the SAME album, which is just nuts. People just listen to the super poppy stuff they made when they were like 18 and think they understand their material.

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I’ve collected a couple of the original vinyl albums from the original releases. It really helps when your uncle is a collector and gives them to you lol

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Yeah I have Rubber Soul, Revolver, and the White Album on vinyl. They sound absolutely amazing.

I think the White album is the only one I don’t have currently

Waaaaay ahead of their time. They would b just as big if not bigger today wo question. Beetles r goated

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Beatles were groundbreaking. I think even though the music scene is more divided then ever they were that good.

Agree with pretty much everything here. If they came out today they would still probably be one of the biggest bands on the planet.

The Beatles changed music, they’d be popular/appreciated no matter when they came out. You could debate that they wouldn’t be the MOST popular act though, rock music isn’t nearly as popular as rap is nowadays. That could just be due to less quality rock bands, than there used to be such as the Beatles

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Definitely what I was thinking about. Like when they first came out, it was like a disease that everyone caught. I don’t know if that would be replicated today

Lennon/McCartney would be songwriters/producers, not performers

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If the Beatles came out today, they would be well received and popular, but there is no way that they would be the cultural phenomenon that they were back in the 60’s

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You’re right when they came out America was obsessed with British rock bands. No doubt that the Beatles are pioneers, and they’d be popular now, but I have no idea if they’d have the stranglehold on music that they did in their prime

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