"The Agenda" for Friday 9/6/19


75 Tokens just for…“Win a game in Triple Threat”?

Either TT? Just win one? Guaranteed 75 Tokens?

Is this charity to help out everyone else…in relation to Token glitchers who didn’t get them all taken away?

Or…is this a ladder and you have to clear the first two? Shit…I guess I need to jump on Dom right now…

I don’t see that in my daily agenda

theres no duos tho

Here’s what I see

I don’t have it

maybe cause you had the game for 24hrs it expired

Nah even yesterday I didn’t have it

2K still 2K’ing

So there’s no duos ? Lmao

Tokens and MT clearly got confused still. Mine says tokens. But there’s no duos to try it out

Does anybody know how to see what a card’s Dynamic Goal is after the initial reveal??

Edit: I found it, if anyone is curious, you go to The Agenda and it’s in the end tab.

So people just get random super juice rewards in this shit? this is so wrong

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Everybody has individual tasks.

but where, oh where are the duos?

I guess I’m just not going to sweat this. Don’t know of any Duos and 2KMTC is not showing any, either.