The 70% cheating ass game

They have to be doing this on purpose right? 42 points lost due to this happening twice. Wtf

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Next gen or current?


Shame. 2k has never been known fir their great servers. In 2k20 I git error coded at least 3 during my 12-0 run (remember when it was only 12 games?) for that years Wilt. Never got him until they put him back on boards for winning 11 games(remember that? Another cool feature gone)

buddy you have to wait it out. Sometimes it took me 2 minutes, sometimes 5, and once I waited 40 minutes on my last draft game. The 70% thing happened to me 6 times last week in limited, got 6 dubs

If you wait you will get the win guaranteed. Don’t reboot the game. If you wait, the game will go back to the home screen and you get the win.

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I got a couple Gary Harris for 1500. Didn’t think you guys would care about a screen shot:)

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Can you always just wait it out tho cus it happened once so I was like forget it imma go grocery shopping came bck like 1.5hrs later n it was still there?

Probably the other guy’s supermarket was a bit further than yours.


dat tuff

Haha another 70% clown, I don’t care i will wait it out and take that free win, Unlimited is just terrible because of things like this. I swear I would rather give up cards than to get cards with this kind of stuff. What I don’t get is they take so much time trying to scam the system so why not take that time to actually get better at the game.

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I got a 99% glitch yesterday doing that xp on current gen.

On the 70% glitch this year whoever closes app first loses. Sometimes I take an hour or 2 nap if it is an important game. 95% of people won’t wait more than 30 minutes before closing app and taking a default loss.

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What are they actually doing that even makes it stay at 70%?

It’s probaly just an issue with 2k servers no way you can trigger it at will.

Oh I thought I read here it was intentional, that’s even worse honestly. Especially since this has been going on for awhile. Unlimited is the worst game mode due to rewards that aren’t worth it and stay as the reward for way too long and then this 70% BS. Makes me not even care about unlimited.

My knowledge of the 70% thing is it’s just a failed connection between you and your opponent to the 2K server and the server continues to try to establish the connection basically forever.

Well if I can get a few hours of play in during the evening of weekdays, no way am I going to wait for this shit for 2 hours. I’ve let it go on maybe 5 minutes max and then just close the app. I don’t have time to wait hours because 2k has a messed up way of trying to connect players. I wish there was a way the game understood when the problem occurs and then gives you the option to either keep waiting or quit and not get the win but also not get the loss. We’re living in the age of folding touch screen phones but can’t figure out a way to fix this old problem? Come on now.

Losing a game and contracts without playing. Hahaha that’s so 2k.

I was doing the Kareem/Lakers challenge and won the 3rd game only to have the game crash right when it ended. I was highly pissed off about that and it’s happened three other times when I’ve won games in My Team.

I’m in galaxy opal tier but I’ve got so many 70% glitches and guys who won’t quit even though they have no chance at winning the game. I was gonna pick up Wilt just for fun but unlimited isn’t very fun with all the wasted time. The 70% thing seems to happen every 2-3 games and then like I said guys playing when they are down too big to come back, For example last night I start the game 16-0 and after the 3rd it was 65-23 and he still kept going until it was 75-23 then he finally quit but not before using his last 5 timeouts and letting the whole 60 seconds go each time and then he runs out and pauses me until 1 second left on his last pause. Unlimited could be great but too many 70% issues and too many toxic people.

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