The 6’6 or under are not comp debate

So multiple times I have been involved or witnessed debates between people about how guards under 6’7/6’6 are lame and not meta. My question is why are y’all worried so much about being “comp” in a broken game. There’s an easy solution to your supposed problem that I feel like most neglect because it’s not the fact that the cards are useless but rather that many are so consumed on being “comp” rather than having fun in which you could run your fav players such as d-wade or Donovan Mitchell and either switch matchups or sub him out if its not possible to hide him. I’ve faced many who run Sfs at PG but run a regular PG and SG off the bench which brings your player back into the fold so why is it that the community here is so hell bent on making smaller guards useless?


Smaller guards/player are an inferior choice. Best case, you can hide them on someone where their weaknesses don’t matter and they’re as good as a bigger card. Normal case, they’re strictly worse than bigger cards. There’s simply no advantage to being shorter in this game.

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That B Roy is a Killa…

This neglects so many points but I’ll play along and say why does it matter? Use your fav players, because if you’re “comp” you should be able to make it work should you not? Does it really make you skilled if you’re finding loopholes to attempt to win

I realised height and releases are a big deal in the NBA so 2k makes some sense…jk

Yeah but not this extent, guards like wade have been noted to be able to clamp up taller players

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I rock with GP off the bench but honestly I’ve tried but can’t start him. Need that size versatility in my starting lineup.

I’m jk. Yeah def no reason. Someone said it. When there more hedos than Curry’s running around something fucked up


Harden no where close to MVP of the game. Off on tangent but I still love 2k

That’s fine I’m just saying that there’s people with giannis at point starting and AK47 at point bench saying these cards are useless and not “comp”

I own Trae young curry world b free mike conley. These guys are harder to be successful with when playing against a taller opponent. When I play with friends I almost always use a regular PG

It’s all about practice tho. Each player has their own learning curve. We’ve all been torched by a smaller guard. Ppl needs learn how to use them small guys

99 speed for a 6’3 player should be different then 99 speed for a 6’9 player


I agree I’m just saying I want to run traditional pgs but unless it’s magic, your gonna take a lot of L’s running a smaller starting pg.

The issue is that shot contest does not register at all if the defender is 3 inches (or more) shorter than the shooter. If you’re using 6’3” Curry, his shot contest won’t register against 6’7” Drexler… Curry can smother Drexler and get a good shot contest in time, but it won’t register, and Drexler will shoot an “open” shot.


It is, 6’9 player is faster because they take bigger steps.

37 lateral quickness should feel like 37 lateral quickness and it doesnt, lateral quickness that low should be a auto blow by

Bigs 3 pts seem higher than guard too. 83 3 ball on Gianni’s feels like a 90. Or 79 w wilt. It’s due to their body wingspan but the small guys r the real shooters.

Exactly. Shorter players usually have quicker first steps; that’d be a great addition. In this game Ak is as quick as my oscar, very tempted to just go back to ak at starting pg sometimes.


Yeah. Iono I don’t rly run the out of position and it works. But I don’t use short fucks either .