The #1 Ranked Supermax Player On PS4

Has Almost 10,000 points.

Just made it to PD for the first time with a record of 84-66 (55% win rate) and it just baffles me how the dude has a 220-17ish record lol

It’s probably this guy:



Or this guy, with a controller.


I was selecting this gif but got distracted by the lady above lmao.

I lied, he has a 270-17 record

#2 ranked guy is 248-31 and 500 points behind him

Damn. I’m 11-1 my last 12 games & still not at PD yet. The 9 or so disconnects -107 points each time killed me when cable company was working on the lines a couple weeks back.

That guy in 1st must be one pathetic loser. Someone needs to get him to join 2kgamer & explain himself.

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