That All Star Kuz is lit af

Tried him in MTU ,he can literally did everything,also post fade are wet tho!


Yup def picking up one when market crashes tmr. What shoe you put on him? I’m thinking pink adidas or cp3 if he can wear any shoe

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Just put a gold shoes and choose what kind I would like to put it on!

Yeah hes cheap too. Got him for 150, only thing he felt a bit slow but thats without shoe or badged.

Hes a beast badged out with orange cp3

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Are you on ps4

Yeah. Got him a couple hours ago. Was a few bug batches of him

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Bro their ending at 130k lmao I’m def copping


Sharp/Slash with Casey I think, not 100%… Def cop at close to 100k hes really fun

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Whats a good price for him you think?

150k is a great price but I’ll wait till tmr to see if he drops. This card will save me from dropping 500k on bird so I’ll take it

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Yes he is…got one badged out w the best shoe for him on the auction house. 10 hrs 16 mins left started bid at 500…its up to 3,750 right now. I was going to put him at the 2, but would have to retire AK or Pierce & I’m not ready to part ways yet.

Damn i wish i didn’t have Webber :pleading_face:

Webber 3, kuzma 2 lol he plays like a sf more then a pf kuzma.

Same here bro I’m parting ways with Pierce it was either him or Webber

had to cop at 130, put the grey jordans on him and hes sharp / slash with dantoni

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I hope he is at around 100k after mvp gets a card tomorrow.

Thanks bro ima do the same he will unstoppable in take over and he has 3 point plays , jumper is silky smooth bruh feels like KD mixed with Paul George.

All 6’9 lineup here I come

Worthy, KD (anni) , AK47, Zingis, Hakeem

Magic, Kuz, Webber, Timmy, Gasol


The next 3 on XB1 are almost 200k.