Thanksgiving Rewards

Just curious what all everyone has won. What badges did everyone get what pd player anything good outta the thanksgiving balls and so on?

hof post lock

Just finished the mural and got joel embiid. Im pretty mad of all people its him cuz i have the moments one so this is literally a pointless card for me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I wouldve taken 15 packs for all this. :joy::joy:

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Got the same thing and have the other card. Would’ve taken anything else.

Not sure why they did not offer an option pack.

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I saw people getting Embiid on Reddit too and part of the reason I never thought about going for the lock-in. Best case scenario you’re getting KG who has 5 HOFs, or I could pick up Kemp who has 4 HOFs, a nice release and better driving. And KG will still be on the auction house if I really want to play with him, but we’re already getting opals now.

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I went for the PD lock in knowing it has dated PD’s. Pulled Blake. Not mad but probably should have gone for HOF badges.

Draymond. He’s not terrible for SF, decent all rounder still at this point.

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Pretty sure I’m going to take the option pack over the PD lock-in.

Mainly because it’s an extra card I cannot get from the AH and the PD won’t make my squad (maybe KG would but I love Worthy and Brand/Danny Manning). I can always scoop up the Pd’s later if I need them for collection numbers, cannot do that with takeover players. I just hit 750 for Steve Smith last night.

Now to decide between D-Mitch, Kidd or Iggy (I have Kemp and Wiggins)
Neither make my main squad (PGs - Russ and Curry PD, SGs - Clyde and Booker/Steve Smith/Wally)


With ur squad i would for sure go kemp and skip the PD.

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I have Kemp already.
Anyone I choose is pretty much for collector level / challenges / limited.

I’ll prob grab Spida as he will for sure have some moments challenges that makes him useful.

Christ i cant read lol shit then if ur goin for collector level just take the packs

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I ended up getting 25 pieces all up (so far, trying to get 1 more from clutch time for a transcendence pack). 15 from agendas, 5 option packs from challenges and daily logins and 5 from thanksgiving packs (daily challenge, ct wheel, unlimited vault etc)

I used:

10 - Limited Option Pack: Donovan Mitchell
10 - Limited Option Pack: Ant Edwards
5 - HOF badge: Ankle Breaker

Chose D Mitch and Ant as none of the players would make my squad (already had Kemp and Wiggins) but they will prob be useful for Moments challenges in the future. Wanted Iggy or Kidd but didn’t see the use for them if they don’t make my team.


Yeah, I ended up taking Spida, as well. Part of me wanted Iggy, but I feel like I’ll get more use out of Donovan. Plus, no card has torched me in Limited like him this year. I regret not taking him before. I took Kemp prior, who is very good, and PF options were very scarce at the time.

Went with both HOF badges and Spida. Not a bad weekend.


Where do you get Iggy from?

Season 1 Takeover option pack

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