Thanksgiving Pink Diamond

Anyone get this yet?

Make sure you take a picture of the card you want in the option pack. I made sure I got the one for TTO co-op play.


not exactly on topic, locker code for a pack:



Which picture is for the tto co-op?

Green bean casserole. It is in oval bowl

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Some people are just redeeming for the HOF badges since the PD is season 1.

I decided to just lock in for the pd to see what I get. I got lucky and pulled KG. Definitely could have been much worse. Too bad I cant sell him.

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I think I’m going to set my sights on Kemp and the 2 HOF badges for this event. With my team full of reward cards, I don’t see any of these S1 players making my team for more than a week or two. Interested to see what’s in this big locker code that 2K promoted for today’s content.

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sorry guys I am a bit lost here - how do you get the S1 PD? the 10 TG cards in the exchange seem to give a takeover option pack - what am I missing?


edit: forget it, I got it - the mural! did not see it :hugs: