Thanks for excluding badges, 2k

Gotta love how they drop a sweet ass Magic and Iggy card today, but no shooting badges, of course. As if their money grab couldn’t get any worse, now badges are sky high.

No HOF Dimer :clap:


Bird git hoed more than anyone

No doubt, right? What exactly are they waiting for? Unreal.

Dammnnn sold all my limitless range badges yesterday, I did get 4k each. Held the other shooting badges though so time to sell I guess!

Should have HOF break starter and hustle rebounder too.
All those players with HOF Dimer and Larry not getting it is a shame.

How the fuck are they gonna give diamond Jason Terry HOF dimer and not GO Bird… 🤦🤦

no bruiser as well wtf

So stupid bro

The disrespect on Larry Legend Tsk Tsk Tsk

Well Bird is weird really but when you see a Magic release, first thing you should do is collecting limitless & deeprange badges. Has always been like this.