Thank you!

Since today marks my 3th anniversary on this forum, i just wanted to take a minute and thank you all guys for making my experience on here that positive and enjoyable :slight_smile:

Although we had highs and lows as a community, playing 2K without being part of 2KG was never an option since the first day i discovered this site. In fact, sometimes i feel like i’m still playing 2K only because of 2KG :smile:

I’m especially thankful to the people who created this platform for us and are putting up their time in order to keep it civil and safe for all.

Appreciate you all and thank you for all the help you gave me with the game trough this years!


Boy I feel that, I would have left this trash game in the dust long ago if it wasn’t for the community here.

Thanks for your contributions to the site and the community as well mate :slight_smile:

Happy 2KG anniversay!


Thank you bro, it’s a pleasure being here :slight_smile:

2K should really pay this forum which kept me in this mode way longer than i should have stayed :grin:


We never said they weren’t…



3rd anniversary! Congrats bro, you must nearly be one of the first batch.

Also…3th? Is this a thing elsewhere in the world? I saw someone else say similar the other day :man_shrugging:


Thank you brother :smile:

Nah… it’s just me not being that exact while writing english lol :joy:

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All good man, you’re French aren’t you?

Then they should pay more !

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Can relate to this one!

Trying out new cards and lineups without actually coming here and telling everyone who’s a good card and who’s bad is not really it.

Sretna godisnjica brate, i jos da ih puno ovdje docekas!

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Congrats and thanks for your contributions to the site!