Thank You For Listening

I say this before season 2 starts, but I just wanted to give a quick shout out to 2k.

First. The 100 just didn’t work. I respect trying to make things different and fresh, but TTO is fine how it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We just complained about the ball drops and RNG for the most part.

After YEARS of complaining, 12-0 is OUT THE DOOR. I feel like I can finally enjoy MTU. I expect more theme teams and genuinely more people having fun. This was such a pleasant surprise to read in the blog. 12-0 concept just doesn’t work against such a large completive community. It creates too many problems. Salute to 2k.


I always disliked the 12 - 0. Not only because I’m too bad. But you can win an NBA Championship and lose 12 games along the way. I think an extra reward like a D contract for not losing a game would be nice for the highly competitive people.
I’m just glad I can give it a try now.

I’m actually looking forward to unlimited. And surely I’m not the only one. The population is going to skyrocket. Big W.

4 minute Unlimited quarter would take it to the moon.

Definitely appreciate them listening, this is huge and goes a long way. But they also said they are going to nerf ball drops in TTO. They are already nerfed compared to last year, why make that even worse?

It will be very easy to reach top boards with few wins this time. I think they wanted to balance it like that. If they increase rewards (for example no more 5 tokens or 500 mt at 5 ball drop), i will take nerfing ball drops.