Tested this lockdown lineup and went 7-0 for now

So I was having trouble going 12-0 for Finely unfortunately but I’m trying to get this month’s reward. I switched to a completely defensive lineup. Yes… I know pippen at the 1 is annoying but with red kyries and casey he’s actually a great option to lock up any Giannis/Simmons/LBJ I encounter at PG. I now focus primarily on defense to create scoring opportunities. I have red kyries on LBJ as well so I use him as my primary ball handler with my starting lineup.

Now, when I switch to my bench is when things get interesting. My playstyles are so contrasting that I feel my opponent getting lost at times. 1st string is all defense to lock them up, then I switch to my 2nd string and just hammer the 3s. Seems to have been working so far.

Might I add that dennis rodman is absolutely clamps and intercepts so many passes.

What have you been doing to help you get to 12-0 this month?

*I also have amy kyrie that I use instead of Pippen at times but Pippen right now does everything for me. Love his animations.


I preach that your bench should play different from your starters. Defense does win championships nice job bro


Agree for sure. I always love having different play styles on starting and bench units. I also tend to use my best defenders for my starters, and then have some flamethrowers on my bench squad.

Having a slightly different playstyle in all 4 quarters really helps to stay consistent. Dunno if it’s momentum/equalizer or just opponents learning you moves. But games seem to go much smoother when you mix in a ton of different offensive/defensive gameplans. I love getting in my opponents head. If you can tilt someone, you get the win.