Terry Rozier: "I might have to go."


Thoughts Celtics fans?

Daaaaaamn !!

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This ain’t good

He actually thinks he could be more than 4th or so option on a legit playoff team?

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They’re in shambles, Even Terry Rozier doesn’t want to play for their historic franchise

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Celtics crumbling Lakers finna swoop in a get AD for a steal :smiling_imp:


@508G37 thoughts?



Well, this definitely isn’t a good look whatsoever, but let’s not pretend like Rozier is any good either.

An interesting point with the quote above that coaches treated Kyrie/Hayward on different levels. Bad, bad, bad look for the C’s.


Why did u change the profile pic, no longer a thunder fan?

Celtics stuck paying boatloads to al “no rebounding” horford and gordon “warm the bench” hayward :joy:

Daaaamn Rozier dropping bombs

Yall remember when i called Rozier a worse Jeremy Lin? This man gonna go to another team, fade into obscurity, and complete my prophecy.


You predicted that a bench PG would be worse than another bench PG?

Not necessarily worse but Lin had a higher peak.

You prophesized that Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin would have a higher peak than Terry Rozier?

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No i said rozier would never play to the level he played in the playoffs and would fade into obscurity similarly to how lin never played to the same level of that crazy stretch he had.

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Dude had one semi-good season and now is talking whateva the fuck is on his mind. His tryna to up his stock with the: look yall it wasint my fault i sucked. But in fact it was. On top of that hes a cancer, hope he gets as little to no money in FA. And i ain’t C’s fan so don’t @ me.

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Getting back on-topic, wasn’t it assumed that Rozier was unhappy? Hadn’t he said stuff like this before? Or even exactly the same thing?

I assume if Kyrie stays in Boston, then Celtics let Rozier walk for whatever offer he might get from someone else.

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