Ten Pack Box

I was dumb enough to buy this. I ended up pulling two Stockton’s, two Wilts, and a Mutumbo. I don’t even know what to do. I feel like out of respect for the luck I should buy the other three and get the opal Allen. I’m looking for guidance, as I am lost.

Sell one wilt and stock and cop d rose and timmy

What your team look like

I bought a ten pack plus 1 and managed a sapphire as my best card

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That’s a 40% pink diamond pull rate. I have yet to pull even a diamond out of TTO packs all year. Say no cap

I couldn’t believe it bro. I hade 50% pull rate of 95+ rated cards.

I use players I’m fans of more than anything.

PG - Harden PD
SG - Kobe D
SF - Odom D
PF - Siakam D
C - Howard AMY

Bench 1 - Francis
Bench 2 - Griffin
Bench 3 - Marion

I only run an 8 man rotation.


Then sell sell sell

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wow, im salty now

It was crazy man. I have never had that kind of luck.

OP is the guy 2k chose to bless, so you can help them get more money by spreading the word!

Haha maybe. If you’re going to spend :yen: now is the time!

Thank God I don’t have the game :slight_smile: