Tell me your unfulfilled childhood dream

Tell me your unfulfilled childhood dream

Mines pretty simple. See I grew up in the 90s, and I had one dream and one dream only…taking home a piece of the unforgiving AGGROCRAG.

Every weekend I would see a new series of combatants face off in a test of sport, whether it be bungee assisted dunking, a tug of war in a kayak, or some variant of nerf battling, at the end a young man or woman would attempt to climb the Crag, dodging rolling balls of foam or clearing obstacles as they sequentially pressed red buttons.

And if they made it atop? Oh sweet merciful Santa, that sweet sweet sound of the Crag being conquered. The victor would then descend from their newly beaten mountain and proudly hoist over their heads the trophy of their bravery, their very own piece of the aggrocrag.

I am now on my 30s, leaving my childhood in the past. In my old room my parents still proudly display the trophies of my growth, but one is missing. The only one that really matters to me. My own piece of the Crag.

Alas, Nickelodeon studios has closed and the Crag has gone unchallenged for years, so my time is done. But I will always have this piece missing from my heart, never to be filled, only mourned.


Playing in the NBA


Become a Super Saiyan :fire:

Too much Dragon Ball Z I guess :rofl:


90s era Nickelodeon is goated. Nothing but facts. I, too, wanted to go on GUTS. But my real dream was Nick Arcade. :pleading_face:


The ninja warrior show before ninja warrior show


Honestly I’m kind of shocked they haven’t brought it all back. Nick Arcade, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Seems like low hanging fruit.

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Do you have it? DO DO DO YOU HAVE IT?


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Wanted to be play professional Rugby League, injuries and a spinal disorder killed that dream.

SY445 me as Mr.Invisble Man


My dad had full custody of 3 kids. I was the youngest of the 3. He had alot of money and i was spoiled. He died street racing when i was 10. I was forced to live with my mom in the ghetto in poverty. She kicked me out sophomore year of highschool because her boyfriend beat her, so i ended up taking a bat to his head. So thats what got me kicked out. I graduated highschool homeless living couch to couch. So MY life dream was to raise a son of my own and teach him everything in life, to mend that void i had of my dad passing away. So i had a son and my baby momma ended up getting swelling of the brain and went crazy on us and being Veryyy violent and veryyy abusive towards us both. I took her to court and even represented myself in court and was awarded full custody! Life goal fulfilled due to me getting to raise my son in basketball!!


Good for you. Glad you’re living your dream

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I wanted to be on the game show Double Dare it used to be on Nickelodeon


I wanted to be a Super Sleuth… and go to Space Camp after watching the movie Space Camp.

I wanted to ride the pie coaster on what would you do? that shit looked yummy

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I always wanted to be the Ice Cream Man

He was my Hero

Oh and also be a participant on that Marc Summers show Double Dare

That Slyme tyme


Being an NBA play-by-play broadcaster.

NBA play by play might be the hardest of the professional sports to call

Hockey as well

Run in the olympics, ran track till 10th grade, was 800-1600m junior high champion in Mississippi, stopped running when I had Gerd disease, couldn’t train after that.

Haha Not Pepsi Man?

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The Ice Cream Man has Pepsi in the truck

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