Technically you can get Cam Reddish for nothing even without playing a game

Not sure if this has been talked about but I dropped a video with some info on how you guys can get majority of your MT back after locking in PD Cam Reddish or if you plan on doing so :slight_smile:


Yo delete this before 2k sees this :rofl:


Yup…trying to sell all my shit for locking in cam before tomorrow morning when this goes live and prices either drop or skyrocket even more…cam reddish is basically free…lol I stumbled on this while playing limited and needing regular saphire cards…couldnt believe it…I’m sure 2k will patch this.

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By the way this is one of the best cards in the game right now…right there with j.r…take advantage while you still can.

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Imagine buying all the cards and 2k patching in the meantime and making you have all locked in at upgraded version.


surely not. that would suck!

What if you have all the un-evo’d cards already in your collection? Do you just buy the evo’d and save the others in your auction and then swap after the lock?

And what would this cost roughly lol?

Great vid btw, definitely gonna try this out

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deni and okongwu is crazy expensive in ps

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yes sir. or you can just buy the basecards again afterwards and swap them back out.

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I’ll just carry on with the evo grind then sell evoed versions :crossed_fingers:


Honestly I locked this set before knowing the glitch and it was worth it…now that I got my money back. I’m speechless.

why is deni still 400k if ppl can just sell him back lmao

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Because they don’t know they can.

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true, I’m probably gonna stay up and finish them off tonight before these are cheap af

Nobody really caught on to this method until tonight since nobody had cam locked…now that a few of us did it we found out u can swap out cards…

2 things could happen…prices will drop…or millionaires will drop 1 million per card bidding war since they will sell it back afterwards in order to lock set in before patch…peole will bid crazy to get this set done adap since it will probably be hot patched in the morning so they will drop whatever to put cards right back on AH.

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maybe this wont be high priority for 2k they arent losing money unlike vc glitch they’re quicker than road runner to patch

I just bid 400k on Okongwu and it’s still not enough, yall Ill pass lmfo. He could go down heavy so that’s not worth the risk.


What do you guys say we close and delete this thread before it’s leaked. And we make a new thread saying we have a method, and send everyone who wants to know in the dms?


Don’t think closing will do as much as deleting video.