Technical issue that I can't figure out

Out of nowhere since last Saturday I’ve been unable to play a game of MTU or TTO without a lag every 10-20 seconds. My internet connection is strong on every device in my house. The Xbox has no issue playing Netflix or Amazon Prime. The kids play on the PS4 and Switch with no issues. It’s specific to 2K and it happens at all hours of the day. I work nights and am home alone quite a bit. I’ve even moved the Xbox to the living room next to the modem and it hasn’t changed. I cannot directly connect to the ethernet cable because that is being connected to my security cameras modem. If there’s no solution I’ll have to sell my account, which I don’t want to do considering I have every good pink diamond to date and have spent a shit ton.

Not on ethernet = laggy no other way around it

Yeah I’ve been lagging and playing with delays for the past couple weeks smh. Shit is too annoying

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Change dns setting to

See if that works op

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This. And for anyone wondering this is Google’s DNS

Get another Ethernet chord it happened to me last year every time I played and I have optic fiber internet 100 mbps used Ethernet never had an issue in a year.