Teams with no Opals so far

Heat - Wade, Mourning?
Hornets - Larry Johnson?
Nuggets - Kiki?
TWolves - KG Should have been this one, Kevin Love


Not a team but shouldn’t have Patrick Ewing been apart of the draft day set and got an Opal


Yea Ewing over that scrub Lonzo all day in that set


Opening up a bunch of NBA conspiracies here lol

Lol true, but Lonzo was a super hyped card going into the draft.

If that’s how they based it, it makes sense

Was really hoping for an opal Jokic this year.


Jokic for the Nuggets. Ain’t even a question. That 35 point perfect triple double should have been the first Opal this year. Never been done in NBA history

And don’t get me started on the disrespect to Alex English


So then where’s my Markelle Fultz opal?

just messing, I get that they want to sell packs to all of the kids with BBB as their team name

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I’d love an Opal Joker

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This. I want a speed boosting Joker at my sf spot lol


He should have an Opal too , if guys like scalabrine are getting one

Alex English chuckles

If Jokic had this game in spring he would for sure be the first pullable opal imo. Instead, he got it like 2 weeks into the season, no? If they released an opal at that time, it should have had the power level of an amethyst, or it would have killed the game.

Yeah, I was about to say that some Nuggets legends like Kiki, English, Issel would be worthy of an opal as well

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Opal KAT is likely

Throwback playoff moments? Jkjk

2K has been so disrespectful towards one of the greatests!!

Better list should be players who got opals who shouldn’t lol

Elvin Hayes. Man’s best card is an AMETHYST. Downright disrespect. Might be the longest a player this deserving that 2k actually has the rights to went without an acceptable card. But at least we have PD Bonga.

  • [NBA champion]
  • 12× [NBA All-Star]
  • 3× [All-NBA First Team]
  • 3× [All-NBA Second Team]
  • 2× [NBA All-Defensive Second Team]
  • [NBA All-Rookie First Team]
  • [NBA scoring champion]
  • 2× [NBA rebounding leader]
  • No. 11 [retired by Washington Wizards]
  • [NBA 50th Anniversary Team]

Pistol Pete, Jalen Rose

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Players that deserve an opal over Lonzo: Hill Kidd Penny Ewing Wade Ray Mourning English etc etc etc

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