Teams Lebron could grow in 1-3 years NOT HOU, LA or SA?

Let’s throw reality out of the window and play around a bit. Where could LBJ go that either has pieces already or cap space he could use to grow a contender?

For me it’s:

Toronto: Could cut down on his minutes considerably (down to 28-32/game), uptempo and could provide 3 pt spacing.

Milwaukee: Young core with a sniping 1 and 2 and arguably the second coming of Blake Griffin in Giannis.

Minnesota: Hungry young dudes with a fair vet mix that he could trade for minute sponges (although it’s a little too close to Cleveland right now)

Dallas: Mark Cuban’s willingness to pay luxury tax. He could literally come in and play MyGM mode there.

What do y’all think?

Dude the answer is Denver. Could you imagine the ball movement from Lebron and Jokic with Jamaal Murray and Gary Harris splashing threes? SHEESH

Murray - Harris - Lebron - Millsap - Jokic would be one hell of a starting 5


They’d have to trade ALOT for the kinds of picks LBJ would feel okay with but I see it.

The dude’s meeting with the 76ers, Lakers, Rockets, Cavaliers, Warriors, Heat, Celtics, and its looking like the Spurs as well. I don’t think any other possibilities are worth entertaining.

The best situations that LeBron can go to finish out his career basketball-wise, long term (this is assuming he wants to play at least another 5+ years) are the 76ers, Celtics, and Lakers (I’m assuming he’s not actually considering the Warriors).

Rockets will have a good few years but they’d never be better than it there first year or two. CP3 will get old first followed by LeBron, there both going to be 34 next year and I wouldn’t trust Harden’s choking ass to lead you.

The possibility of the Cavaliers or Heat to put anything around LeBron in the next 10 years is silly.

Spurs would have a few good years but Pop is probably retiring before LeBron does. When he does who would retool the Spurs around Kawhi and LeBron as the rest of there team is starting to look old outside of Dejounte Murray.

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All those options would work but man are they boring. I gotta run some MyGM and see what it’d be like.

See if you can operate a LeBron opt-in sign and trade for Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker before June 29th and then have a duel sign and trade of CP3 for PG13.

While your at it see if the Thunder would accept Russell Westbrook for Kevin Love plus the Cavaliers 2018 and 2020 1st rounders.

Also look out in FA to see if you can get a guy to sign one of those -1B dollars one year and 1B dollars the next to free up cap space temporarily.

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I dont think he will join any of the teams listed,he will fo sure be joining Rockets,Spurs,Sixers,or LA

Very true. Denver did have the leagues highest powered offense for quite a long stretch this year when they started gelling

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problem is no one wants to play in any of those cities. There’s nothing there. The only reason he went back to Cleveland is it’s his home town. If he leaves he’s going big market for sure or a team that can challenge the dubs now.

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I agree. He does seem to be placing a high emphasis on quality of life this time around hence why Cleveland hasn’t been ruled out and LA is the favorite. I don’t think there’s any way he goes to San Antonio, I think they were left off his list of 7 for a reason. His family has probably already vetoed a move there. Given he’s said as recently as May 28th this year that he’d crush his mom if she played for Boston - is it really plausible for him to switch around and go to Boston?

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Going to L.A. with George and they’ll trade for Melo.

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I really do think its down to just 76ers, Rockets, LA, Cleveland.

LeBron knows better than to play with Melo


yeah, I think there’s a chance he heads to the spurs because they can build a good team and he’s have the best coach he’s ever had. if manu and Tony retire they’d have room too. but I’m thinking it’s really only between the Lakers and the Cavs with Houston being the third choice.

They played together on team USA pretty well.

19 more days and it’s going to get wild.

  • and 76ers

It’ll be interesting to see if LeBron still feels like he can go to LA if PG13 stays in OKC and he can’t steal CP3 from the Rockets.

I believe if he’s going to Houston, he’ll be there by June 29th because it makes a lot more sense him joining in a opt in trade than in FA.

yeah I think there’s a chance but I really don’t think he goes there. I feel like he’d have a good chance to get back but he’s have to get through Boston first and I don’t think the 76ers can beat the Dubs in 7 even with LeBron. They’d be losing a lot of guys as well.

idk man they’d have the best defense in the NBA and LeBron James and another top 10 player in Embiid with a 6"11 PG. I think they could get it done. IMO they were the most talented team in the East this year. If Fultz can add himself into the mix they could be something special.