Team quality doesn't influence the no. of points awarded

I’ve just played the first game of the new round. My opponent had a loaded team featuring PD Jordan and Harden, T-Mac (at PG), Durant, you name it. He played pretty well, but couldn’t take my 10-point lead in the second quarter and quit. I was expecting 300-400 points since it was in the sapphire tier, but received… 34. So, if anyone needed proof that scoring is not tied to the team quality, here it is.

I was in diamond last round and beat a pd guy with a few pds got 25 points. I hadn’t made pd yet and was just sick to my stomach. Lol

The opponents record in supermax determines how many points you get


Im in saph and just got +300 for beating someone in emerald…

The guy in emerald may have been in diamond previous round. There’s something behind that aswell I think

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What team are you running?


Sí señor

Nothing special:

Lol, so modest :joy:


I too am extraordinarily humble.

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