Team Improvements for playing online

I have been playing offline for a few weeks now using players I like

Would like to give unlimited a go looking at the teams on here I probably don’t stand a chance as it’s not very meta what improvements should I make

Current gen 600k to spend

Any help would be appreciated

If it is me, I sell lillard and Bosh and replace with Kirilenko DM as my point guard. Everyone has a different favorite C from Auction House. I prefer Mutumbo and/or David Robinson. Both in your budget but Mutumbo much cheaper. Others seem to prefer invincible Kareem. Opal Wiseman or getting DM Wiseman through challenge another good option.


Thanks for the reply bud tried the wiseman challenge I’m not good enough to get him so left with having to buy someone

If anything id run that Scottie Pippen at 1 so u got someone who can defend the giants at 1. And Scottie just a demon on ball defender. Put him on the primary handler all game
Team isn’t bad tho. U can win with it. But bosh starting c probably gets eaten alive on the boards

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Pippen is my all time favourite player so had to make my squad

dame and CB have to go. Honestly I would tactically downgrade everybody and use all the mt on invincible yao. Like replace invincible AD with space jam AD. Invincible klay with space jam klay. Sell Invincible Dame and get Batum. Try to get as much as MT for Yao.
But I guess it would be easier to get AK and D-rob.

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Is this dbg :joy:

lol, tactically downgrade is the best term

Use lebron, AD, and one of Bol/Curry. Full court press. Off ball on draymond and contest his shots at the basket. On offense pass and screen away then speed boost with lebron to get dunks and takeover. Then take your threes once you have takeover (unless you’re green consistently then take them whenever). The full press and baiting to contest draymond will end up getting you turnovers and blocks and they’ll all be cold.

Wiseman challenge ended up being way easier for me on current than on next. You can do it.

2k is ass ill let you know

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Why get Yao when u can get Shawn Bradley who curry slides on next lol

Will give it go Cody

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If you’re on current replace your Lillard/Klay backcourt with AK and Hedo. Opal Chris Bosh shouldn’t be anyone’s starting center this late unless you know him in real life lol


Run a Five or 6 man team and only play Invincibles with height(Ben Simmons though) in youre team(dump lillard). This will get the rating down to 92-93 overall so you don’t matchup against godsquads all the time online trust me.

Something Like this

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Actually laughed out loud at the bosh bit

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yeah u right. If you smart Shawn could be the best C in the game. But Yao is Yao. He a bully.