Team ‘2k20 is a NO for me’ aka N2KFM

Ps4 side, i think we should start adding each other for the occasional friendlies. My Psn is: Onrak and i am a N2KFM :grimacing: anyone else?


Dont lie, you already pre-ordered. #annualgodsquad


Veronica will be immortal. Rip Duo packs in 19 while everyone is sweating for day 1 2K20 Amys.


Last game i pre-ordered was ‘For Honor’ :cold_face:

I’m with you bossman, already brought it up several times. I was a dumbass for getting sucked in this year.

“The gameplay is so much better!”
“Defense means something this year, turbo smashers are getting clamped!”
“Defense wins ballgames, finally!”

The community gave me fomo lol. I was definitely impressed with the mechanics being improved, but let’s be real. If we take a long hard look at the last 2 months, is this shit worth it? A company that doesn’t even publicly acknowledge this ongoing fiasco? A company that performs maintenance only to see things collapse to an even more unprecedented degree? Anyone who continues to support this is a dodo bird. Have fun playing MyTeam when the most desirable cards aren’t out, and enjoy the crash and burn when they do release.


I’m already hooked in, not because of 2k20 myteam or gameplay but because of the idea of playing point guard in mycareer for the lakers or clippers


Just see if there are any early Day 1 glitches, exploit them, rack up MT and play casually.

Don’t get sucked into flipping cards constantly.


‘Days Gone’ :innocent:

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I played MyTeam once, feel like I beat it. Don’t want to play again- I’ll go back to MyGM if I need a fix.

My wife snuck this year’s game as gift

Both you guys have my PSN I’m down lol



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I’m out for 2K20 as well and will definitely add the ones of you that I already don’t have.


I enjoyed 2K18 much more than this garbage. I’d rather players be able to dunk and drive crazy than everyone and their mother being able to shoot from Curry range.

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If you can get a million MT casually during the season you can get a summer god-squad with little effort.

I used my preorder bonus to snipe like 500K in the first two weeks. Jerseys were selling for like 5K.

A lot of people preordering have no idea how to price anything.

Again, just don’t get hooked into improving your squad constantly and locking for tokens.

I think i won’t buy 2k20


The same people that be making this thread be the same ones preordering the legend edition the day it’s available. People always capping.


I’ll be back when the new gen drops possibly. I’ll rock with 2K19 until then.

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I might jump in late in the cycle


This was my first year playing MyTeam and will certainly be my last as well. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as poor as this and that is coming from someone who has played FIFA his entire life lol.