Teach me how to snipe

What do you guys target when sniping? I’m not much of a sniper but would like to get in to it.

Just find a filter and snipe BIN’s that are posted under market value. It’s more about knowing how much cards go for and taking advantage of that.

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Buy stuff cheap sell for more expensive

Know some filters. Most people wont give out their filters cause it’ll be more competition for them. I think the most common filter is silver cards for 1k< but everyone uses that so its the most competition

and remember even 500mt is a profit everything adds up


Yeah you won’t get anyone to give you filters lol


This is spot on. Even a small profit adds up. It’s not about trying to get the “big snipe”, but rather a bunch of small profits are always the way to go.

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I sniped alot of small anounts and ended uo getting quite a bit in the end. Then i got greedy trying to find bigger snipes and started getting frustrated. So i started to go back to small amounts. 500 mt profit on 100 snipes is still 50k and thats worse case scenario. Im making more then that but as an example.

Jerseys are how I made 500k from 50k. Just a tip for ya


Work 3rd shift like me. I’m always awake from midnight-8 a.m. with nothing to do. I be sniping n shit though.

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Always prime time at that stage. It’s 4pm in Australia so I always get snipes and don’t have to be awake at ungodly hours


I have no luck at this time lol first thing in the morning for me lol

just sniped a diamond kerr for 10k 2 days ago… sold for 64k yesterday lol

Heres what i do

I look under collections, go to a team page, go to a player, i buy the 2 lowest cards

Chandler Parson goes for 8k

I buy the 2k and next lowest is 2.6k, i also buy that and resale for 6k, made over 300k last, I dont think i ever have to buy VC this year…lol


Thanks fellas I appreciate the info

Try also different times, yesterday a Lebron James went for 59 to 62k, few hours later he rises up to his normal price, 69 to 72k. Try to memorize the prices of the ruby cards from the historic grizzlies, hornets… teams and try to snipe some when new cards comes out, best time to snipe.

yeah there are a lot of different methods. personally I get way too bored doing the amethyst filters and even silver filters because it really tests your patience waiting so long for each snipe.

I have a couple of gold filters and consumables that I use reliably for 500-1000MT profit each flip. Even then I can only do that for a few minutes at a time before I get anxious and end up playing dom or trip[le threat instead

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He really sells for that much? I pulled him but switched to Dantoni for the speed boost, I might have to sell if he’s worth that much.

Curry for 2k and Bron for 7k yesterday. litty

Am snipes are on fire

Sorry for the new player question, but is there a web app or a just a phone app for trading? I’ve always done well trading on FIFA by using those, but I can’t be on my console very often.