TDIH packs tempting?

I’m tempted to get these, I literally don’t have many of these and you can’t get them anywhere else. Thoughts?

Don’t. There’s literally not a useful card in the set

I’m going for GO giannis tho

In that case go for it. Card collector count is the only reason anyone should open these packs unless you are a die hard George Mikan fan

I would say no if you haven’t unlocked GO players from the market and are close to having enough

Have you unlocked all the rewards cards? One pack = 5 emerald rewards

And @rjense02

I am also most done with diamond reward players. My guess is I will have enough for GO wilt by june

You are paying 30K+ MT equivalent to pull a Ruby Michael Jordan. Locking a historic set is 15 tokens.

I wasted 90 tokens on 6 packs trying to get a couple cards towards J.R. bc I was sick of schedule challenges. Pulled 4 MJ & 2 Wilt. 4,800 quicksell MT for 90 tokens. I’m smart.

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THat sucks. I have 3/15 tdih so I was goping I would at least be able to get some

Yeah…its bullshit. I should’ve stopped after the 3rd ruby.

I also want to go for Giannis but that’s like the last cards I’ll even take care of

Don’t want to spend my tokens for this. I prefer getting all the GO from the market first

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But tokens are a renewable resource. You might never be able to get tdih players again, you certainly can get 90 tokens again. But yeah if you alreasy had wilt as mj oof

Unless you have Wilt and Worthy makes absolutely no sense. Even if you are going for card count there are hundreds of cards yet to be released.

What if I can never get tdih players again after this?

I guess you are right tho I’m sure go giannas will Ben very obtainable bun summer

Why do you care about getting some of the worst cards in the game? Even Milkan is trash.

Blowing tokens on these packs equals hours towards Wilt or Worthy.

For GO ginnas

Not even the the least bit…I’m getting Mutombo soon

Not having these cards is not going to prevent you from getting him…

Even if going for Giannis you know your gonna get the same ruby over and over