TDIH packs from MTU

Anyone ever get a pull they need from this?

I’ve never gotten something I need and forced to quicksell every time

About to pull a new one…

Ruby I already have. What waste of time…

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I pulled an mj that i never had

I got amethyst James Worthy last time, one of like 5 I didn’t have.

1 mj 1 isiah

I got a diamond Kevin mchale that I needed

I need like 5 but I almost rather keep going for a TBE pack at least I can auction

I’ve done this 12 times, 3 new cards 9 dupes.

I’m 0/6

Yeah seems like a waste of time, but i need those cards, as im sure you do too.

I think i only have 6 out of 16.

I have 11/16 and of course I don’t have PD Mikan and Diamond Lanier and Maxwell which odds are probably butt to get. But can’t even get Amy McAdoo or Stockton. Rubies for days

I got Lanier last night actually.

I pulled an MJ. I had pulled him 3 times before that though…

If I go 6 games and get another Ruby MJ I might punch a baby

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Yeah i got MJ 4 times, Wilt twice, AC Green Twice, Jerry West twice (didn’t have him first time).

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Yup, i expect MJ/Wilt almost every time.

I got Petit

ruby ruby ruby ruby.

I’m going for 11-1 now instead of 6-0.

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Fuck, yeah this was my thinking as well.

My 2 TBE’s were Varejao (lol) and Hakeem. Meh

I have done it 4 times now. 3 Ruby AC Green (I already had), and 1 Ruby MJ (I already had). Been very frustrating. Lol

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