TDIH pack in the token market

Not sure if there’s a thread yet. But yeah trade inthose hard in tokens for a card with no mt value. Oh and it says a chance at a PD!!! What the hell are you going 2k???

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No way 2K :smile:

Someone pull a trigger. I ain’t wasting my tokens lol

not worth it lol

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I would like to have that Mikan but no way these packs are worth the small chance you’d get him.

I’d never trade in tokens for TDIH. Let’s see PD Mikan or GO Worthy?..

Sorry fixed

Yeah ordinarily I wouldn’t but there’s no way I’ll ever get to the GO market. I’ve already got all PD rewards except Stockton and Dikembe, and I don’t really need them. So I’m hoping they put something decent in the token market.

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I get that. But this isn’t it lol. I’m almost to GO market so I might as well go balls deep.


How many tokens for a pack

15 tokens


Not too bad. I don’t have any and it would be nice to get some toward my count

If you look at this as locking a set and convert to
MT, you are potentially spending 50k for a ruby MJ

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That was the only thing I was thinking this could help is guys going all out for collector rewards. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense

Pd wade you said?? :eyes: :eyes:

Why wouldn’t you be able to get there. I’ve made 70 tokens since Saturday on TTO and I haven’t even played that much.

Or you can look at it like this. That’s 25 games of offline tt for 1 pack. Not worth it imo

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To each his own though

I just hate TTO. Not really my thing.

That sucks man…lucky for me I enjoy it.

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