TDIH Cards Augmon and Thomas

Check out @MyTeamDB’s Tweet:

Interested in neither really cept for the card count. Be happy with tokens if these are a LC.

Great, another Isiah ThomAss

Does this IT have a lower 3 than the amy? I already have the amy so I need not a non shooting Zeke. Stacy is just mo cheeks

These would be good if they could ride on each other’s shoulders.


Must be running out of ideas to have a player twice in the same collection


Coulda made a decent auctionable IT. They know we dont want a 73 open 3

Jesus Christ, I need this Stacey Augman badly for my TDIH squad, finally a good wing player

A second Isiah and Plastic Man, really odd choices.

Augmon was the goat for my starter team in 2k17.

He looks trash but he actually was nasty for me in domination at the 2. Paired with that sapphire Larry Johnson his stats became nasty AF.