TB Opal Giannis shoe?

What’s the best shoe for him and takeover?

Casey foam is sharp lock idk what’s the best that’s wit casey

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South beach

Which coach you use and what’s the takeover?

D’Antoni and he gets slash/post


Steve Kerr and nike foams

MDA and South Beach.

Post/Slash = GG.

Can he get sharp/slash

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Coach aythmest dan

I put red Kobes on him w D’antoni n he gets slash/play gd it i shlda put south beaches on him. Might have to overwrite

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White Kobe’s and Casey = Sharp/Slasher :ok_hand:


Oh wow thanks bro

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I put the white Kobe’s on him from day 1. I always use D’antoni. He use to have Slash/Post, but all of a sudden he changed to Slash/Lock. I checked all my lineups and they have D’antoni as coach. Not sure if it’s a glitch or if that is what he is suppose to have.

At this point I rank Lock or Post over Slasher or sharp

Are you sure that’s online?