Tatum or Brown

Which do you guys prefer? And also who’s release is better? Both are basically identical in attributes, and slightly different in badging. Let me know!

I’ve played a ton with their Golds and a fair amount with their Emeralds, not their higher cards, but I personally have always preferred Brown. For his ratings and also how he plays. Even with the lower cards, feel like I shoot better with Brown than Tatum.

@HarryLundt Do you think brown is better than Tatum because of his badges or release or animations? I’ve played with Tatum and I like his release, but felt his animations were a bit weak.

Don’t think I have any impression of difference in animations, but I have a strong sense that, with the Golds, I’ve been much more productive with Brown than Tatum. But those are very different cards than the Diamonds. Nonetheless, I think I personally shoot better with Brown for whatever reason.

When it comes to the Diamonds, I prefer Brown’s Ratings for sure, but Tatum’s HoF shooting badges probably are more productive than Brown’s finishing ones. But do like that Brown comes with Gold Def Stopper.

You think that Tatum is offensively better?

For me, even on offense, Brown has been better. But, again, this is with their Golds and Emeralds.